domingo, 22 de junio de 2008



Hello everybody, I have created this space with the aim that you read and translate notes and text from English to Spanish.  You can give me the translations in class or you can answer in the comments  space in this blog.

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Today 22th of June, I am watching football with a friend. Spain is playing against Italy and I hope we win. Also today is the day I created this blog. The idea is that our class communicates and that you all have access to the information and exercises from class.  This way we will be able to work from home, in case that one of you or even I are ill.

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jahaziel dijo...

Hello teacher I wait that this good here this my transduction

hoy 22 de junio estoy viendo el futboll con un amigo juega españa contra italia
espero que ganemos, hoy tambien eh creado este blog, la idea es que nuestra clase se comunique y que vosotros tengais acceso a la informacion y ejercicio de clases. de esta manera seremos capaces de trabajar desde casa. encaso de que uno de nosotros o yo estemos endfermos